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Thread: ITA received - but new contract now

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    Question ITA received - but new contract now


    everything was going well. was going to submit my documents after i received my ITA.

    But, some big company acquired our company and we getting new contracts to sign.
    The new contract is set to take on from mid September.

    Now i need to apply for VOC ?

    Also, VOC might take sometime to come and what if my visa does not come before the new contract starts.

    Will i not be able to work ?

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    Here is the INZ page that tells you about the circumstances in which you would need to apply for a variation of conditions. From what you have said, if the name of the employer is going to change, or the description of your duties, then probably you will need a VOC, but if it is both, you may need a new visa.

    The thing to do is to talk to INZ. They are normally very helpful about arranging a necessary change-over, and they will tell you exactly how to proceed.

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