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Thread: UPakWeShip aka EuroUSA Review

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    Default UPakWeShip aka EuroUSA Review

    We used UPakWeShip in 2012 with good results. We used them again in 2017 and had a negative experience. Both times we purchased the door to door self load/unload service.

    We had problems from the beginning. We had our friends over to help load, had taken off from work, but the truck was 3 hours late for the initial pick up. No call or contact from UPakWeShip, until I called to inquire. Zero contact to notify us they were behind schedule. OK, its logistics these things happen.

    Also they sub contract with a company in New Zealand called World Moving to actually deliver the goods to our home.

    About a month before our goods even arrived in port, we started getting e-mails from World Moving saying we had to pay hundreds of dollars for MAF inspection, quarantine, etc. The "Price Guarantee" on the UPakWeShip website, and in our written contract from them states any further charges must be accompanied by an official government document as proof of requirement. I called to question the charges and at one point was told me that World Moving "has to make money somewhere on this". Uh, sorry but we paid UPakWeShip, please take it up with them.

    On delivery date we were told the truck would be there at 8:00 am. Again took off work to unload. Truck arrived at 2:00 pm, zero contact about delay until we called them. Also, we were surprised to discover World Moving had done the unloading of our container at port. Note, the container was NOT delivered to our home for us to unload. The padlock we had put on it after loading? Cut off by them - zero contact to us to come and unlock it (we live about 20 minutes from the port - they had our address). When they delivered our goods, EVERY piece of furniture had large scratches or tears. We had filled dresser and bed drawers with clothing. Not sure why, but they took these out of the dressers and beds, and destroyed the drawers to the point they can not close and are no longer useable. We tried to repair them, but the damage is simply too bad. We now have furniture that was either brand new, or in good condition when we packed it, to almost unusable and certainly unsightly.

    In my opinion UPakWeShip did not live up to what we had expected given our prior dealings with them. Given that much most of our goods were seriously damaged, I wish we had not shipped from the US and boughten new household items here. That's a strong statement given the retail price discrepancy, but the hassle simply was not worth it.

    There are lots of reputable firms out there, do your due diligence.

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    That is a very unpleasant experience, for sure! Hopefully you can get something sorted in regards to the damages, that must have been so annoying to get all the broken stuff delivered.

    I just wanted to put in a good word for world moving- I suppose that it is sort of a franchise, and the way they deliver depends on where they are. I had a load (about 6 sqm) shipped from Germany, goods arrived in June in Christchurch and were trucked up to Blenheim. All my contact has been great, they asked for some paperwork, which I sent them, no extra payments for any inspection by MPI (and I was not sure if they would want to see some of the stuff, because amongst others there was a fur blanket and some wooden Christmas decoration). They rang me the week before they came up, arrived in time and delivered all the boxes into our garage. None were damaged in any way.

    I am very sorry that your experience has been so different, just wanted to point out that, although under the same company name, it might be completely different if the goods arrive in a different port.

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