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Thread: Partnership Visa, have I missed anything

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    Lightbulb Partnership Visa, have I missed anything

    Hey, just wanna make sure we have done everything properly, since it is taking long time and I am getting nervous obviously.

    I gave them my application for Partnership Work Visa on 4th of July (ChCh office) (and they acknowledged it via an email). Application included heaps of photos of us and us with friends, snippets of facebook and email convos, rental agreement, joint bank account statements, joint insurance contract, various utility/holiday bills, timeline of the relationship (3.5 years), support letters from our families and friends saying we are together etc etc, both our passports and all the documents, I am Czech and she is a Kiwi.

    Until now I still have no assigned officer (checked a few times with their support and no officer on my app.).
    My working holiday visa expires on 15th of September (2.5 months since my application has been lodged).
    I presume I will get Interim Visa, correct?
    But on that interim visa I cannot wok, but I do have a job (ChCh council), do I have to quit completely or do I just put my employment on pause, how does that work?
    Is there a way to make them hurry up a bit, is my situation (I do quite an important part in my work team) good enough reason for them to assign me an officer and speed up the process? Would letter from my boss change anything?
    Have I done everything properly, have I missed anything, do I need to apply for anything or ask for anything more?

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    Yes, you will be issued with an interim visa.

    You won't be allowed to attend work until your visa situation is sorted out, but there is no need to resign. As to how to go about it, you will have to talk to your employer to see what arrangements they are willing to have with you. I presume you have told them that you have to get another visa. And an employer such as a local council will know about not being able to work without that. Have you asked them if they are willing to hold the job for you in the meantime?

    Your boss could try writing to them. I have heard of that making a difference, but ONLY ONCE, on the forum. Mostly, INZ work on date-order queues. I would try, too, but don't be surprised if you still have to keep waiting. Good luck.

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