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    Hello everyone!

    I'm on a WHV and I want to apply for an essential skills visa. I'm currently working full-time as a chef. I talked to a lawyer(really good one) about my situation yesterday. I showed him the documents i have and he refused to take the case saying it would most likely be declined because I do not have enough evidence of work experience such as job contracts bank statements etc. But he also said I could apply by myself and try my chance.I'm going to list what i have in hand so maybe you can show me a way.

    chef certificate with its certified translation. (was a 100hr course)
    reference letter from my country Turkey confirming 5 yrs experience as a chef.
    food safety certificate from nz.
    bachelors degree in teaching
    ielts 6.5+

    According to the lawyer, 100hr course isnt enough and since anyone can get a reference letter it isnt enough proof.

    What are my chances if i go ahead
    and apply for the visa? Would a job contract be enough evidence for job experience?

    Any advice will be appreciated.
    Thank you.

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    Here is the fact sheet about the Essentila Skills visa. Click on Show all evidence, and it will display what is needed, so you can judge if you think you have enough to meet the requirements.

    For work experience to be credited, INZ requires something from each employer that gives the start date, the end date, the rate of pay, the normal working hours, and a description of your duties. Each of those points needs to be covered, or it can't count. It will help if you can also show your bank and/or tax records of the time.

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