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Thread: Proper steps to convert work visa -> visitor visa?

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    Default Proper steps to convert work visa -> visitor visa?

    Hi all,

    First of all thanks everyone who always help, especially JandM and Chris! Thank you

    My partner and I have ITA with me as main applicant.
    Currently both of us hold independent work visas.

    However, for her partnership resident application, we need to proof we are living together but now I am working in Hamilton and she works in Queenstown.

    The only way I can think of is to apply for partnership visitor visa (my work is low skilled so I can't support her partnership work visa) for her so that she can leave her job and come stay with me.

    1) are this the proper steps?
    -She applies for partnership visitor visa.
    -She gives 2 week notice and leave her job before visitor visa approved.
    -(But there will be a short period where she isn't employed which breach her work visa condition!)
    -Hopefully received approval.

    And if her visitor visa is declined, she will still continue holding her old work visa?

    2) Can she even apply partnership visitor visa when we are staying separately now. We had been living together since last year until only recently we are separated since august 2017 due to my new job.
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    There is just as much of a requirement to show a live-in relationship for a partner-sponsored visitor's visa as there is for a partner-sponsored work visa - and, incidentally, for residence (only that demands proof of 12 months' relationship, whereas the others need around three months). I understand that you've lived together till recently, but INZ take some convincing that moving out doesn't mean breaking up. In any case, a visitor's visa is not right for your situation. A visitor is someone who intends to leave NZ after a limited stay, and those are not her intentions. She would fail on the bona fide criterion.

    Your partner would not be eligible to apply for ANY visa from within NZ if she leaves her job, because the visa automatically ends with the job.

    What about your partner looking for another job she could get to while living with you? She could then change her work visa without any gap in her visa record.

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