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Thread: Applying for a Change in Visa Conditions

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    Default Applying for a Change in Visa Conditions


    My husband and I moved out to NZ a few months ago. We were granted a resident visa with 2 conditions attached

    1. My husband must stay in the job he applied with for 12 months
    2. We must both be in NZ for 6.5 months out of the year for 2 years

    My husband has now been offered a new job with a different company (same job - Joiner just different comapny)

    I know that we can apply for a change in conditions and as we are only changing one of the elements it shouldnt be an issue for him to swap companies, as he will be in the same occupation and same area just a different employer.

    HOWEVER my question is - does the 12 months start again? So he needs to be with the new employer for 12 months OR does the 12 months continue on from his first start date with original employer?

    Anyone have any experience with this?

    Thanks in advance.


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    (ii) The principal applicant must remain in that employment (or another position of employment that meets the requirements for current skilled employment including requirements for bonus points if the employment qualified for bonus points under SM6.40 or SM6.50), for a period of at least 12 months.

    so the period does not start again

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