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Thread: Eligibility for Publicly Funded Health Services - (for not-yet NZ Residents)

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    Default Eligibility for Publicly Funded Health Services - (for not-yet NZ Residents)

    Hello everyone. Did you guys know they now include time lawfully spent in New Zealand to determine eligibility?

    My partner has a 2 year work visa (exact) and since I applied and got approval for the partnership visa later than him, I only have around 22 months validity so I had a hard time enrolling with GPs and getting fees reduced at Family Planning. So to the providers the actual start date of the visa matters and count from there... and your visa should have exactly 2 years.

    I remember reading the MOH website regarding eligibility and seeing this:

    Work visa holder eligible to be in NZ for two years or more

    A person who holds a work visa that either:

    • entitles them to remain in New Zealand for two years or more (work visas start on the person’s first day in New Zealand) OR
    • entitles them to remain in New Zealand for a period of time which, together with the time that person has already been lawfully in New Zealand immediately prior to obtaining the visa, equals or exceeds two years

    is eligible for publicly funded health and disability services.

    See bolded part

    Family Planning rejected that and still wanted to see an exact two years so I called MOH talked with someone and he confirmed with the information I have given him I am eligible. I also sent an email enquiry so I had a written reply from them. Better worded too. The email said that if the work visa is for less than two years, we (MOH) count the time spent lawfully in New Zealand immediately prior to its issue (no gaps in between the visas), on a student, visitor, or other work visa, toward the two year required minimum, provided the visas are consecutive.

    So using the email I went back to Family Planning and I've applied for a refund... They took a copy of it too for future reference.

    Also funny/weird that while enrolling at the GP, the enrollment form said, 'Have a work visa/permit and can show that I am able to be in New Zealand for at least 2 years (previous permits included)' they still looked for a work visa with the exact two years. So I gave them the MOH email and all the visas I've held since arriving in NZ (including the first visa I used to enter). Here I am thinking that that form must be reworded for clarity.

    So yep, if you're in the same situation as mine, fight for this. You're eligible!

    My visa history:
    late 2015-late 2016 - WHV
    interim visa
    late 2016 - visitor visa
    interim visa
    early 2017 - work visa for 10 months, validity covers my 2nd year (plus 1+ month) in NZ.
    late 2017 (current) - work visa for 22 months

    For me the interim visas covered the gaps so I would've been eligible since my work visa approval earlier this year. I was mind blown. All the money spent as a casual patient when I got sick in winter!
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