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Thread: Shipping Recommendations: NZ --> USA (yes, believe it!)

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    Default Shipping Recommendations: NZ --> USA (yes, believe it!)

    SORRY: ignore this post. Just realized there's an entire section for those leaving NZ. Just can't figure out how to delete this post.

    Hello. I know my post is a bit out of place as most are looking for information moving to NZ, but we're actually moving back to the U.S. and I thought I'd see if anyone had any recommendations for shipping stuff back there. Maybe you've looked in to it before or know of others who have made the move. I think we came over with a 20' container but this time, we're planning on selling most of our furniture so maybe can get away with a few pallets. Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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    If you are interested I have a very nice secure shipping pallet I'd like to sell. I bought it when I shipped some delicate equipment over. Here's a link to it:

    I'm in Nelson.

    By the way I've had good experiences using March logistics. Here's a quote from a former email:

    Based on the dimensions on the website, Id estimate this shipment will be around 1.8m and 500-600kg. From your door in Nelson to the depot in. Denver, CO would be around NZ$885. Arrival charges, customs clearance & delivery would be an additional US$795 giving a door to door price of around NZ$2,000.

    The above does not include tax or duty and if FDA approval is required, there may be additional charges for this.

    Transit from Auckland port to Los Angeles port is direct and 19 days. If you add on 7 days this end and 10-14 days in the US will give you a transit time of around 5 weeks.

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