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Thread: Immigration medicals - Partnership residence

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    Default Immigration medicals - Partnership residence

    Hello everyone,

    I have sent my application for residency under partnership mid November. Early December they sent my papers back as I was missing a police cert. With those papers they sent a letter saying that my immigration medicals will expire in February this year.

    I sent back my documents on 13th of December. I have not yet been allocated a immigration officer. I have two questions:

    From experience, how long does it usually take to get allocated?

    Secondly, if my immigration medicals are about to expire, will they request new ones or does it count from the date I sent my documents and will not count them as expired?

    Thanks, hope that makes sense.

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    From experience, how long does it usually take to get allocated?
    There is no normal time, sorry. It depends on a lot of variables, including the volume of applications just before yours, and staffing levels in the office at the time.

    Your medical: normally (that is, unless INZ think the person is at risk of some new health issue), it only needs to be in-date when the application is lodged. You are very unlikely to need a new one.

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