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Thread: Work visa based on partner questions

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    Default Work visa based on partner questions

    Hey everyone
    This page and people on here has helped me before and I am really thankful . I need some more help if someone could help-
    I am on a work visa employer assisted from gisborne which obviously means I cannot leave gisborne . I met this girl in Auckland 2 weeks ago, we clicked and itís been going good but obviously we donít want to do long distance thing. Now she is saying we can move in and I can get my visa on her basis but for that I have to live with her and as I said I canít leave gisborne. She has a job in Auckland and she said she can take a break and move to gisborne but for maximum 5 months or maybe 6. Now as far as I know , immigration takes 2-3 month live in relation serious but I donít want to risk it so I was wondering is there anyone on this page who has got his/her visa after living together for 2-3 months RECENTLY?
    Another thing is we have only been known to each other for 2 weeks so say if he moves in a week from now would that raise few eyebrows that we moved in way too early?
    Thanks guy
    Hope everyone gets what they are after

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    I hope everything works out well for you two!

    Im in a similar situation, where we will have been living together under 3 months (however knowing each other, in a long distance relationship, for nearly a year).
    So it would be interesting to know if people have had experience of obtaining partnership based visas when living together less than 3 months, recently.

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