Below is my cover letter pls feel free to use this as a sample. If you guys have any suggestion/Corrections on my letter you are free to comment.


The immigration officer,
Immigration New Zealand,
Auckland, New Zealand.


Sub: Requisition of issuance of Partnership-Based Work visa (INZ 1198).

I am NAME, holding Indian passport NUMBER I am applying for Partnership based work visa. My wife NAME is currently pursuing her Level 8 course at NAME College, Wellington holding Passport NUMBER and application # NUMBER.

We got married on DATE in COUNTRY. Our wedding was attended by our Kith & Kin. Since then we started living as husband and wife from the day of our marriage. After our marriage, we rented a house and lived together until we decided to move to New Zealand. Upon deciding we stayed with my parents for a period of 5 months before we could bid farewell to them. Once my wife moved to New Zealand, I decided to move with her and applied for my Partnership based work visa Application # NUMBER and was granted partnership based visitor visa.

I moved with my wife in New Zealand on DATE and we are living together since.

In this connection, I am re-applying for a Partnership-Based Work visa along with the relevant supporting documents. Henceforth I request you to consider my visa application so that we can continue living together as a married couple in New Zealand.

Below table details the evidence and documents provided in connection with my application.

Criteria Evidence Provided

Identity Original Passport.

Health Copy of e Medical Information.

Character Copy of Police clearance certificate.

Genuine Relationship: 1. Marriage certificate.
2. Marriage Invitation card, Photographs, and video CD.
3. Spouse name in Passport.
4. Wedding Night Hotel room booking.
5. What's app Chat history from March 2016.

Living together: 1. Certified Rental agreement in ORIGIN COUNTRY.
2. ORIGIN COUNTRY Bank statement (wife's account) showing rent and deposit transfer to Landlord.
3. Joint Bank account statement indicating our Permanent residence address.
4. Tenancy Agreement in Wellington, New Zealand.
5. Internet and Power Bills indicating both our names.
6. Mail addressed to my wife and me at the same address in New Zealand.
7. Joint Bank account in Westpac, indicating our utility and house set up expenses.

References and Leisure Time: 1. Reference letter from my college mate who is currently a resident in New Zealand.
2. Intercity ticket details to Napier to meet the college mate and his wife.
3. Weta Caves and waterfront, wellington sightseeings Photos
4. Honeymoon trip details to DESTINATION (Hotel and flight tickets).
5. Leisure trip to DESTINATION (Hotel booking).
6. Air Tickets from ORIGIN COUNTRY to Wellington for both my wife and me (Different dates).
7. What's app chat during our Separation time for 2 months due to Visa process.

Partner's Visa: 1. Certified Passport copy of Partner.
2. Copy of Partners visa.

Funds ORIGIN COUNTRY Bank statement and Westpac Statement.

Other Documents include:
1. Certified education documents.
2. Certified work experience documents.
3. Name change certified records.

Thanking you,