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Thread: Extending visitor/tourist visa

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    Default Extending visitor/tourist visa

    I arrived late December and entered New Zealand on a Visa waiver visitor visa that lasts 3 months.
    As my boyfriend is here on a Working holiday and has a job til end of May thats how long I would like to stay here as well.
    I can not get a Working holiday visa cause I have used the 1 we get, being from Sweden.
    So I want to apply online to extend my visitor visa 3 more months.
    Pretty nervous doing this as they were super suspicious when I arrived, but logically as they have the Visitor/tourist visa options for 3-9 months and I am
    in Queenstown mt biking, have my boyfriend here who is working = can pay for food and accommodations + I have savings they shouldnt have any reason to
    reject my application. Right?
    Any suggestions on how to go about this so that they will approve it?


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    Seems like the tourists NZ wants to attract. Dont see any reason why they would reject you.

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