I am wanting to bring my partner to NZ, we have not lived together so don't meet the requirements for any partnership type of visa, so I was wondering if it would be best to apply for a normal visitor visa, sponsored, and for 3-6 months?

I am a New Zealander, will be sponsoring them, and have the funds to show (at least 10k).

We are planning on staying in NZ, and will be applying for a work partnership visa later down the track when we can prove the living together aspects.

My partner isn't planning on going back to their country, so my question is, if I outright state the full intention of my partner planning on visiting and then applying for a work visa, will immigration decline on the grounds of my partner not planning on leaving NZ? I would have the funds to support the ticket out, and we wouldn't be trying to breach any visa conditions.

I have been with my partner in person (not same address), the relationship is still quite young, I'm planning on going back and being with them for a few weeks shortly -- tickets already purchased