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Thread: Help- Approved Status online but final stages on INZ record

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    Default Help- Approved Status online but final stages on INZ record

    Hi there,

    To see that my application has been approved after 7 month of waiting was one of the best feeling ever....

    2 weeks on, I rang INZ for advise for the next steps as I haven't receive has any communication from my case officer etc! But to be told that my case actually haven't been or approve nor completed.... WTF...

    Any recommendation?

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    Hang in there. INZ call answerers are not trained Case Workers, just a human FAQ working from a database. As you know, what you get from a database depends on what has been put into it, how good a searcher you are, how persistent, what keywords you put in, etc., etc.. People have been known to phone INZ four times with the same question on the same day, and get four different answers. What has most likely happened here is that either the person you spoke to didn't look at the right part of the records, or what has been entered in the system has lagged behind what has actually happened in the office.

    It is the CO who puts the applicant's name on the list that goes to one lot of clerks to have the online status altered, and on another lists that goes to another lot of clerks to have the AIP letter/email sent out. Online status is easier and quicker. AIP is more complicated to do and therefore has a longer queue, and it's not uncommon for there to be a 4 - 6-week wait after the status changed till you get that communication.

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