Hi guys,

I am under a work to residence visa, working in NZ.
I already applied for the residency, but it seems it will take some months, and my current visa will expire within 3 weeks.
The agent that´s assessing my process sent me the following information:

While your residence visa is in process, you must remain on a valid temporary visa in the interim. For more information on how to proceed, I would advise that you contact our call centre on 09 914 4100 to advise you on the next appropriate steps.

I called INZ today and they told me the interim visa is issued only when applying for an extension of the current visa, which is not the case. They say that me and my partner have to apply for new work visas (fees, translations and medical exams again), otherwise we´ll be uncovered after the visa expires.

Did anyone experienced similar thing?

Any help would be appreciated.