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Thread: Independent child visa n partnership visa

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    Default Independent child visa n partnership visa

    Anyone experienced on this

    I am hold PR

    If I plan to apply my two child independent resident child visa they under 16 years old and My husband apply partnership Resident visa.

    I will bring two child arrive NZ first n apply Independent Student Domestic Visa n together apply
    Independent resident child visa 。They can study n waiting Independent Resident visa 。

    Anyone know if my husband apply partnership resident visa together with our child but my husband NOT in NZ live yet until his partnership resident visa approve is it ok?

    Partnership resident visa is it the applicant must onshore?

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    More information is needed to be able to know what to think about your questions.

    Can you give a link to the INZ website, to what kind of visa you are thinking of applying for for your children? I don't know what you mean by 'independent resident child visa' or 'Independent Student Domestic Visa'.

    Your children were not born in NZ, is that correct?

    Where are you living at the moment? Is your husband living with you?

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