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Thread: Help me this query (work visa)

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    Default Help me this query (work visa)

    Hi there,

    I applied for renewal work visa (for my parents) this month. I just had some issue one of my parents

    First, My parents tried to apply for South Island Contribution visa and had declined in Feb.

    When we applied for the another work visa, we just did same as usual.

    However, I found a mistake after I received an email from Immigration

    She said,
    Question 'have you ever been refused a visa by any country, including New Zealand' You entered No. However, in February 2018 your work to residence visa was declined. Is there any reason why did not answer this question correctly?

    We were thinking about this question was for refused a visa with criminal issue. we didn't mean to lie about this section... Also, we applied this work visa over 5 years now. This is why I didn't consider about the question.

    How can I explain this question nicely..? Will it be effect on my parent visa?

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    All you can do is state what you have just said above, and apologise very humbly for having misunderstood.

    This can be a serious matter. When anyone applies to INZ for a visa, by putting in the application, they are giving their word that everything they say on the form is the truth. In answer to a straight question which makes no mention of crime, you have given an untrue answer. They CAN interpret this as fraud, if they decide you meant to deceive. See A5.45 b, here. Your parents, as you can see from that link, may be asked to apply for a character waiver.

    To anyone reading this later - read every question extremely carefully, and be very sure to give a straight and truthful answer.

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