I have just emigrated from London to Auckland 10 months ago with my Kiwi husband. I am 30 years old and am finding it very hard to settle here. It seems that the chaos and fast pace of London of which I was happy to get away from I am now missing. I am missing a good old English pub, things to do, good shops and of course my family and friends.

I can see that the life in NZ is a far better place to bring children up, but I do not have any little ones at the moment.! All my husbands family live up here, and they are all really lovely but sometimes it just makes me feel further away from home being with them.

All of the above might sound negative and I know that in time it will get better but I guess that I am suffering from homesickness and it seems that everything looks like it's a pale shade of grey. Has anyone else experienced this whilst trying to settle... or is feeling the same too...?

Michala (please excuse the crying face.... I nearly chose the one drinking beer but changed mind at the last minute.!)