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Thread: Variation of Travel Conditions timeframe

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    Default Variation of Travel Conditions timeframe

    Hi all - anyone got any recent experience of the Variation of Travel Conditions process on an RV?

    I'm currently in NZ and our passports/paperwork were signed for in Manukau City (Auckland 2241) last Wednesday morning (April 11th).

    Would love to hear from anyone who could advise on current timeframes etc.

    Thanking you in advance, Dan.

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    I haven't seen any forum posts on this procedure, which is fairly rare. Is there anyone out there with some experience to share?

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    I wish I had the problem of needing to know the timeframe for variation of travel conditions...I can't apply for variation/extension to travel conditions to my RV because NZ Tax Office will not give me Tax Residence disappointing.

    I will have to travel without my partner to NZ in 3 weeks time in order to keep my visa valid, without it he won't get a Partnership Work Visa...
    A lengthy very acrimonious divorce has caused a delay in our return to NZ.

    I have searched INZ website like someone possessed for months and can find no other way...

    Unless someone out there knows different...??????

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