Hi there,

We were approved residency in 2016. We moved in April and stayed in New Zealand (Me, wife and 7year old son) till Nov 2017 (1.5 years). Due to complication in wife's 2nd pregnancy and being odd city where medical facility were poor (Queenstown), we decided to move back to India and stay with family and have better medical facilities.

Now we're blessed with a baby boy last month and I have arrived back to New Zealand alone to apply for resident to permanent resident visa for myself and elder son (Wife has permanent resident visa already). I will go back to India once I get stamps on passports. I still work with New Zealand employer (hold contracts for my own New Zealand company and I have staff in India). I have Nz License, Bank accounts etc.

So My questions are :

- We are thinking to stay in India for few years but also want permanent resident visa for my 2nd child. What's best way to achieve that? Can I apply from India or I need to be in New Zealand for that?
- On INZ website they have mentioned a point - You must provide evidence that you live in New Zealand - I don't think I fulfil this criteria but I do have business in New Zealand, I pay massive tax here. Is it sufficient as a proof?
- If my son gets resident visa, will it also have 2 years of travel condition - same as we had before? So just in case we all move back to New Zealand and apply for my second son's residency, after approval we will need to stay 2 more years in New Zealand to get permanent resident visa for him?
- Does INZ consider reasons e.g. moved back to India for health reason and willing to travel back in future?

I'm sorry if any of these question is answered already in other thread. I couldn't find it.