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Thread: SMC - Claiming 20 points for Partners Job Offer

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    Default SMC - Claiming 20 points for Partners Job Offer

    Hi All,

    We would like to claim 20 points for my (secondary applicant) job offer. We are currently on work visas (partner being the primary applicant) and my partners boss has offered me a job however he would prefer me to start once I gain residency. He is happy to keep the job for me but because he will need to give me access to financial information etc he would prefer that I worked as a resident rather than on a work visa if that makes sense. I called INZ and the guy I spoke to was really nice and he said that its quite an 'open' area as it is not defined. He said I should get a letter from the Employer stating the above and that the job would definitely be held for me etc as well as a letter from myself to back it up. Does anyone have any opinions on this, maybe someone who has been through the same thing. The job offer/contract would state that the job will start once I have gained residency.

    Thanks so much!

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    I have heard of many people whose successful application for a temporary work visa was based upon a job offer with a start date given as "after the visa is granted". As the INZ official told you, the situation about evidence required for a partner's job is not spelt out, but there is nothing in the rules to say it COULDN'T work. SM9.5. Residence>Skilled Migrant Category>SM9.

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