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Thread: Before buying that house, you might want to consider the commute time to your work

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    Lightbulb Before buying that house, you might want to consider the commute time to your work

    I live 12 km from my office in Auckland, but if I take the motorway or bus to work it will take me at least an hour during the morning peak. I know many people who spend much more time on the road. I have a blog with some suggestions on how to do some easy research before buying that awesome new home.

    Those of us who go to work are likely to commute 400 times or more a year. That's quite a bit of family time and money. If you live in Auckland the cost went up with the price of petrol this morning and it's going to go up again nationally in October.

    Whether you are in a city or in a rural area, this is something I recommend considering before making that purchase decision. What do you think?

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    We're not living in NZ yet, but I also live about 10 km from my workplace. If I go with the car it can easily take 30 or 40 minutes during peak commuting time, and if there's any kind of incident or heavy volume it wouldn't be too unusual for it to take an hour.

    On the road bike, as it's a little bit of a climb, it takes me about 23 minutes to the office usually 18 minutes coming back. Plus I'm not using any fuel, I'm getting exercise, and I'm not as pissed off because I'm not sitting in traffic.

    I'm probably one of the few people that welcomes higher fuel prices because it forces people to consider alternatives to commuting in cars by themselves.
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