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    Hi all,

    I'm happy to report that INZ has finally agreed to retract the JSV offer, allow me and my partner an opportunity to present further evidence, and re-evaluate our application for residency. They are particularly interested in evidence of our job search efforts in New Zealand. It would be a big help to have examples of what other SMC residency applicants without job offer have provided in terms of job search evidence. Pointers to old posts, reports of first-hand experiences, and any other feedback and suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    Does this mean that you declined the JSV offer? Anyway, the job search evidence can be the email trail communications bet you and the agency/company you were applying for? Some of my colleagues were asked this as well and all of them gave the same thing. It's a plus I think for this correspondence that will say that they like to hire you given your current credentials unfortunately they won't because of the visa status or lack thereof that you have.

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