It would be helpful for me, and I imagine for others, to have ideas of how to prove skilled employment prospects to INZ. Here are some thoughts I have how to prove familiarity with employment in NZ and ability to obtain employement; does anyone else have other ideas?

-- job applications
-- feedback to job applications
-- knowledge of salary scales
-- SEEK or other online profiles (LinkedIn)
-- Contact with recruiters
-- Evidence of professional conferences or events attended in NZ
-- Informational interviews with potential employers and feedback
-- University career events
-- Vacancy watch alerts
-- Candidate profiles on organizations' websites

If anyone has more ideas, please share. For example, in my interview, I shared the salary scale for my career posted by Careers NZ, but the CO stated the salary amount was "too high", even though that is the primarily source for salary information for NZ. How have people managed to share this information with INZ?

What other proof of preparation for the job market have people provided?

Does INZ care about anything other than job applications? Any ideas? Feedback from those with experience?