Hi All,

I submitted my application in May and got a CO assigned last week. I claimed points for Level 8 It qualification which was completed in NZ & currently work as a Project Coordinator in Civil drainage division.

I used to work as a Contract administrator with Downer for 1.5 years full time & in my current role as well, i perform a certain tasks as i was doing back in Downer as well

CO contacted my employer with questionnaire and was responded back.

CO also contacted my immigration advisor and mentioned as quoted in bold below:

I note that the applicant is claiming to meet the skill level for his claimed ANZSCO occupation of Program or Project Administrator for his role as Project Coordinator , using his qualification of Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology.

We have not received an academic transcript for this qualification so it is difficult to reconcile the relevance of the subject matter of this qualification to his role in an engineering support role in the infrastructure industry.

Please provide comments from the applicant as to the relevance of this qualification to his current employment or provide details and evidence of other engineering related qualifications he may have. Please also provide the academic transcript for his NZ qualification.

During my Level 8 study, i also studied Project management paper & i use MS project to plan the current projects. I also hold a engineering degree from India in Electronics. When my employer responded to the questionnaire, he mentioned that Project management experience(From Downer) along with Engineering qualification makes me suitable for this job( Even though i work in civil drainage division)

Also, my employer is planning to promote me as a Project Engineer in Civil drainage division in near future along with pay raise of minimum 20K.

Quite nervous, as my lawyer will be preparing the response and send through.

Please suggest guys.