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Thread: Someone Please Help me regarding TAX

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    Default Someone Please Help me regarding TAX


    I have been in NZ for more than a year now, I came here in my family visa and now I'm under New Zealand resident visa. Here is my situation,

    I'm basically from India, I didn't yet worked under any employer in NZ or even done any jobs in NZ. What I'm doing is I'm working as a freelancer, that means working as an IT person from my computer, I have few clients around the world who calls me for their IT works and I log into their server/PC to fix their IT related issues. So once after that I will get paid from them to my NZ bank account.

    I didn't yet applied for an IRD number.

    The total amount of money that I will get each month depends on the works that I will get, honestly here is the approx: amount of money that I had earned last few months,
    Jan 500 NZD
    Feb 2350
    Mar 800
    Apr 750
    May 4050
    June 540 etc

    I love working in IT field and it is bit difficult to find exact IT job here, that's why I'm still working as a freelancer and not looking for a different type of work at the moment.

    So what I'm wondering is, do I'm subjected to pay any TAX in NZ for the work that I'm currently doing ?

    If yes, what is the procedure, How can I do that ?

    I highly appreciate help from you all who knows well about the NZ tax system, I didn't yet consulted with any tax agents because it's bit costly to get an appointment with them and I'm currently not getting much money to spent.



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    Have a look here:
    If you are a New Zealand tax resident you are taxed on your "worldwide income" - that is income from New Zealand as well as from other countries. If you receive overseas income while you're a tax resident of New Zealand, you'll need to declare it to us on an Individual tax return (IR3).
    At the end of each tax year (31 March) some taxpayers need to confirm the amount of personal income tax to be paid. This is done by filing an Individual income tax return (IR3).
    You need to file an IR3 return if you earned income other than salary, wages, interest, dividends, and/or taxable Māori authority distributions.
    So assuming you are a NZ tax resident (which is defined on the first link) you will need to file a tax return and pay taxes on your income. All the info is on the IRD site, and you can phone them if you have questions.

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