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Thread: How does divorce work in NZ

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    Default How does divorce work in NZ

    I have tried google nd such with no luck . I found the in NZ divorce takes living apart for 2 years then just filing paper work. My question is if we where married back in our home country ( USA ) do we have to file for divorce there and here or just here?

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    I'm pretty sure that a divorce granted in NZ applies world-wide. I can't see anything to say so, either, but I know people who have married in Europe and been divorced in NZ.

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    Sometimes it would depend whether or not the couple's country of citizenship (or state in the matter of the US) will recognise it right away. Example

    I know my country does not accept divorces right away and still has to go through the local judicial court (e.g. must meet other requirements like the couple having citizenships in another country therefore no longer covered by the local Civil Code; or having a divorced a foreigner husband or wife)...

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