Want to move to NZ and have everything you need when you get here?

G'day everyone,

My name is Rick (rikdownunda). I'm an Aussie and have lived here in NZ (South Island) for over 7yrs. 5yrs in Hokitika, 2 plus years in Timaru. Timaru is the perfect balance between the rural South Island living and all the facilities of a city. Research Timaru.

We've had our fun, now we're moving back to Australia in early Nov 2018. Time for me to settle down and get superannuation for retirement.

As you guys would be aware, moving countries is very expensive and a logistical nightmare. We've decided to get rid of everything we own in NZ and start from scratch in Australia. Even if we have to live out of tents for a while.

I have a whole house of furniture I'm essentially GIVING AWAY ! Not quite, I'd like $1000.00 (NZ) for it. I could flog it all off on Trademe for more than that but I'd like to give someone else the opportunity of getting it all.

It's not great quality stuff but it's functional. We're a family of 5. Wife and me, three children. Hell, we could possibly arrange for you to move into this rental we're in ! 223 North St, West End, Timaru 7910. $330p/w. Three bedrooms.

Some of what is included (but remember it's EVERYTHING even if I forget to put it below):
Queen sized bed (bought July 2015)
2 x single beds (bought July 2015)
Double bed (pretty shitty but works for our teenage daughter)
4 x Desks with drawers (good condition bought July 2015)
2 x sets of drawers
1 x dresser
Dining Table and assortment of non-matching chairs.
Side Table
TV stand

Fridge (old but works)
Chest Freezer (bought Feb 2018)
Washing machine
TV plus surround sound
Playstation 3 (excellent condition)
Satellite decoder
Cordless phone
Modem (Wireless)
Food processor
Hand held mixer
bread machine
Electric Mincer (I used to make sausages)
Iron and Ironing board

Plates, bowls, glasses, mugs, wine glasses
Utensils, cuttlery
pots and pans
baking trays, baking dishes, racks
coffee plunger
gravy boat
plastic containers
Big selection of metal cooking bowls.
all left over cleaning products
extension cords, power boards, etc.
Surround sound system for computer

Lawnmower (runs well)
bush saw

Everything else
clothes drying rack
washing basket
Indoor fire protection fence/grill (whatever you call it)
BBQ (dirty but works great) with two empty but new gas bottles
Portable fans
tripod LED spotlight (as new)
Hair clippers (brand new)
2 x bodyboards
fold out chair
petrol containers
any and all linen we have (not great quality)
and more....

And I forgot:
If you're really keen I can include our two cars and boat.
absolute bargains at:

Suzuki Aero - $2000.00 (Value $4000)
Landrover - $2000.00 (Value $4000)
14 foot aluminium, centre console fishing boat, very new 40HP Yamaha outboard electric start, electric tilt. with Very new trailer. fuel tanks, fishing gear, anchors, etc. $5000.00 (Value $8000)

Everything I own for only $10,000.00 (NZ)

Any questions welcome: [email address removed in line with Forum Rule 10. https://www.enz.org/forum/showthread.php?t=40236 Rick, please make five posts in total on any threads, then people will be able to use the PM facility to contact you.]