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Thread: Woodworking tools / materials

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    Question Woodworking tools / materials

    I am an amateur woodworker, and am hoping to have more time for projects once in NZ. So I would very much like to bring my tools and material over from the US, and I was wondering what issues I may encounter:
    - Electrical: I have a bunch of high-quality Festool tools, which work in the US. I have made my peace with needing a transformer, but I am wondering if I can expect any extra issues.
    - Customs: I was contemplating rounding out my tool collection by buying a few more tools (e.g. biscuit jointer, a high quality plane, etc.) before the move. As long as I use them beforehand, would this be allowed?
    - MAF: I also have a pretty big board stash (maple, oak, cherry, ribbon sapele etc.) and a self-built workbench, which is currently unfinished. All in all about 200 bf of wood or so. I imagine these would have to be fumigated - how much could I expect this to cost / who do I ask at MAF to find out?
    - also, has anyone brought a table saw (especially a Sawstop) from the US? Was it worth the hassle?

    Thanks in advance!

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    MAF is now part of MPI (Ministry for Primary Industries).
    Here's the page about importing wood products (including contact info):

    I hope someone else will be able you with your other questions.

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    Customs: as long as you have used your items, you could bring them as part of your household goods.

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