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Thread: NZQA assessment same degree for two long term shortage title

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    Default NZQA assessment same degree for two long term shortage title

    Hi everyone,

    Sorry for bothering you again.

    I have a bachelor degree in my country (Bachelor of computer science)
    and then I have more than 4 years experience as a (associate to senior) Software Engineer.

    Now in New Zealand, I have worked for a company for 8 months as Junior game developer and then got a job from a company as a Unity Developer.

    I am going to do the assessment for the degree I have in my country. Since I am going to claim points for long-term skill storage, I need to provide the occupation group and code for my occupation along with the assessment application.

    My quection is :
    Both Software engineer and Programme/Developer are in shortage list. I have experience as a software engineer and have a job in New Zealand as a developer. So which occupation group I need to provide with the assessment. Or can I add both occupation group?

    Thank you very much.

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    Can somebody in the IT professions comment on this, please?

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