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I'm looking here https://www.linz.govt.nz/overseas-in...-one-home-live - these information pages have been updated since I referred to them earlier on this thread. In the section Can you buy a home to live in?, there's a link to an information sheet, and the following quote is from there.

Comparing these three points to your own situation, not being a lawyer, I don't know what the answer is. None of the examples on the page exactly matches you. I suspect (but this is just me, an ordinary person, guessing from what is written, and nothing official) it may make a difference who you were working for when you were overseas, and if you kept a home in NZ during that time, and there's also the issue of tax residence to consider.

There is a Contact Us link given on the page, and in your place, I would ask the question of the people there as your next step.
Thank you very much. I informed IRD in August 2018 that I have moved overseas; therefore, I guess it's better to wait until December 2019. Anyway, I will contact them on the link you sent. thank you again for all your help