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Thread: Piggyback on our success; restaurant business opportunity

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    Default Piggyback on our success; restaurant business opportunity


    If this post isn't appropriate, admins please remove. As some of you read in my posts, we came in on a Long Term Business Visa (Oct 2014), setup a small brewery and pizzeria (opened Feb 2016), and got our residency in May 2017. Fast forward to today and we are expanding our brewery by moving the brewery into a new space that will allow us to expand our menu from wood-fired pizzas to adding a grill and commercial kitchen line and expanding our seating. As our hearts are into the brewery more than the restaurant we will be looking for either a partner or an outright sale. Since the restaurant will be undergoing this expansion creating several more full-time permanent positions I though't I'd share here since it could potentially create a relatively easy and already successful venture for someone coming in on an entrepreneur visa. If someone was interested, the concept we strongly believe would work best, is the addition of a gourmet burger menu line. If someone had that experience and is interested feel free to message me. We would be happy if we were able to help someone else gain residency while helping the business grow.


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    It's good to hear that you're continuing to do so well! Congratulations, and all the best.

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