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Thread: Residency Approved!

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    Default Residency Approved!

    What a great Xmas present New Zealand!

    Just received residency approval email today for my husband and I (no children, I’m 50 and he’s 47).
    This was under the skilled migrant category.
    I was approved as ASH but had some issues or at least borderline that caused a lot if anxiety for me.
    Sharing as I hope you don’t go through all that I did wondering, speculating if you’re in a similar situation.
    Although recognize not all situations are the same.

    I was referred to an MA and had to go to a cardiologist to ensure there was nothing serious.
    Quick recap med issues -

    - borderline high blood sugar but not diagnosed with diabetes
    - high cholesterol ( which was recent for me)
    - BMI at 34 and husbands at 4. We did lose about 20-30 each before we did medicals to I’m orove results which I believe helped.
    - high BP 150/95

    No other issues though, or on medication or formally diagnosed with anything.
    But I do see a lot of posts from people that have some similar issues so thought I’d share.

    Sept 25 -formal SME application submitted with medicals pending
    Oct 26- CO assigned and request for cardiologist report from MA
    Nov 29- cardiologist report completed and forwarded
    Dec 10 - 2nd review notification from CO
    Dec 24 - Approval
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    Oh, a Christmas present from INZ!

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