Need advice please, I had my 1 bedroom stuff shipped from Dubai to Auckland , the size was 9CBM. The contained has already landed to Tauranga on 25 Dec however when I checked with my agent about the status and the date when my stuff will deliver to my home (Its door to door shipment), they replied that “
The container was unloaded on the 12th JAN – quarantine have not been to clear the shipment yet. We have to have the goods unloaded and released and I don’t know when this will be”
Now my problem is my family is landing to Auckland on 29th Jan and I need stuff before that however the agent is unable to give me date and saying that he is not sure who much time it will take in Quarantine as the Auckland port is very busy now a days.
Any idea how long this Quarantine process usually takes and what will be the next step after this ?