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Thread: Advice Needed on Partnership VISA

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    I am on NZ Resident Visa currently ,got married to a girl from there 2 months ago from family proposal , since then I came back to New Zealand , i am from sri lanka and girl is also from there , we have lived together less than 1 month. apart from that we have all the proof that our marriage is genuine , photos,call records , marriage proposal and ect. I want to bring her into NZ quickly by june hopefully , she works in IT industry and she also would like to find work here just after arrived , so please advise me , what kind of visa i should apply first. thanks a lot.

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    I'm sorry to be telling you what you won't want to hear - it is unlikely to be as quick and easy to get your wife a visa to come and live with you as you are hoping.

    Here are the criteria for a Partner of a New Zealander Work Visa. It is the section Your relationship with your partner which will probably cause problems. We know from experience that INZ take seriously applications with two to three months' evidence of living together.

    For INZ, partnership IS living together. See this INZ web page for their explanation. Here are old threads with discussion and examples of evidence that people have used.

    Many couples in your situation have had to find a way to spend a longer time living together, collecting evidence, so as then to apply while together, with a solid and long enough record of partnership. Sometimes, the NZ partner has taken time off from work and gone to the other person's homeland for this purpose.

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