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Thread: Partnership residence visa & pregnancy

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    Default Partnership residence visa & pregnancy

    Hi there! First post from me

    About my situation - I applied for my partnership-based residency 2 weeks ago (they took the money right away and I've heard from them). Me and my partner (he is a few months shy of citizenship and we're both British) have lived together for a year and a half so no worries there. I work full time in Level 1 skilled job.

    However, this week I found out that I am pregnant. I'm just waiting on a note from my doctor so I can let them know.

    Anyway, I'll get to the point... is this going to go agains't me? It's such a coincidence with the timing, I hope they don't think I've purposefully timed this. It was a total surprise to us!

    Any thoughts would be great. Thanks guys
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    First of all, congrats! How exciting! Secondly, your partner is a New Zealand resident and you've lodged your application through your NZ resident partner, right? In this case, your residency application has absolutely nothing to do with your job so can't quite figure out what your question is
    Also, even if one of you is a resident and the baby is born here, he/she will be a NZ citizen

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    INZ's rules do NOT count pregnancy as an illness when a woman's medical is considered, so no, there is no negative impact on your application. And as ankirs said, the baby will have NZ citizenship since the father is a NZ resident, and you, his/her mother, are entitled to full maternity care throughout the pregnancy, birth, and post-natal stage.

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