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Thread: NZ PR APPLICATION - Impacted by Australia PR application?

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    Default NZ PR APPLICATION - Impacted by Australia PR application?

    hi all,

    i have applied for permanent residency under skilled migrant category in Australia 4 months ago. It is under process.

    Now I have a got a good permanent job offer in NZ and been working here for 2 months now. I really like it here and would like to apply for permanent residency here.

    Will my Australian PR application be of any trouble if i want to apply for PR under SMC category in NZ now?
    Please let me know.


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    not at all. I have a friend who has both residencies

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    When talking about NZ visas, do you mean PR, or do you mean residence under SMC? (PR is a different visa that an applicant is only eligible for after holding residence for a minimum of two years, and meeting other conditions.)

    I would wonder about the impact on your Australian application. I'm not familiar with Australia's immigration rules, but I'm sure they must be set out on their website so you could check if there is a requirement that you should be intending to stay long term in Australia. If there is, and you then put in for a long-term NZ visa, it might impact your Australian application. You might have to decide where your better prospects will be.

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