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    Question - anyone know if I can apply for permanent residency before I have lived in NZ for two years as a resident visa holder? I will have been here two years as a resident visa holder in July 2019. Can I submit my application now to get things started or must I wait exactly 2 years?


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    You need to wait your 2 full years. There's even a question on the form that asks if you have held your resident visa for 2 years. It is a very quick and easy process, and only takes about 2 weeks to process. Absolutely no need to plan so far ahead.

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    Notice, every application to INZ is a legal document. By submitting it, you are stating that all your answers are the truth, right THEN. So looking at the requirements for a visa, the applicant must be already able to fulfil each one at the time of submission. (There have been people who honestly thought it would be all right to claim something early, but it fell through unexpectedly, e.g. their degree, when they'd been doing well all through the course, but then had an accident and couldn't sit the final exam; or x years' work experience, then the employer went bankrupt and made all the employees redundant three weeks before those years would have been completed. That is why INZ won't accept anything but provable certainty about any requirement listed.)

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