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Thread: IQA - Appendix B - comparability assessment - Process

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    Default IQA - Appendix B - comparability assessment - Process

    Dear All & JandM,
    Thanks for supporting people like me with various clarifications.

    I need two info;
    1. Where can I able to get latest IQA Appendix B (which is being used for comparability assessment); the old forums referring to old link where am not able to get the form. Kindly help me to get latest and official link.

    2. Also in sample, noticed an option "Occupational Group" , in such case do I need to provide general(Bachelors Degree) or specific(Bachelors Degree in Computer Science)
    I am intended to apply EOI with LTSSL points as Software Engineer (261313) and there are bunch of comparable qualifications in link:
    Not sure which one is most opted for my case, please suggest.

    FYI: I completed Bachelors Degree in Computer Science (3yrs) and Master of Computer Applications (3Yrs) in India along with good work experience in software profession.

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    You are looking at posts which were made before the most recent change to the regulations - the links that now don't work went to the old regulations.

    Here is the new set of headings under which points can be claimed, with links in the third column which will show you the detailed regulations for being eligible. Here is the factsheet about SMC - check the buttons for "evidence", and the other tabs at the top of the page. Notice that the points checker at the bottom of this page is NOT as reliable as checking your own points with the chart at the first link I've just given you.

    If you look at the Long Term Skills List heading here http://skillshortages.immigration.go...tware-engineer (click on the button), you will find the listed requirements. If your qualifications are not on the list of qualifications exempt from assessment (the qualification has to appear by name alongside the awarding institution, within the date limit mentioned), they have to be assessed by NZQA (getting the IQA). I have not recently seen mention of Appendix B forms, but all that it was was a request to NZQA to consider your degree(s) against the requirements for ANZSCO code number (whatever). In order to qualify for bonus points for LTSSL, your IQA has to come back with a specific answer.

    Specific answer - qualifications are examined to check the subject matter studied, to what depth, for how long, which gives an equivalent Level to the NZ educational system. (A generic outcome will be, for instance, "A bachelor's degree, Level 7.") They then compare the content of the foreign degree to the course content of any degree currently being offered in New Zealand, and if they find one similar, they will add the description, e.g., "comparable to a Bachelor's degree in (Whatever)." It is that part which has to match with one of the New Zealand qualifications listed as acceptable for LTSSL.

    Notice the requirements for work experience to be counted.

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