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Thread: IELTS test for partnership residency

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    Default IELTS test for partnership residency

    Hey guys. Just a question for a friend - she is going via the skilled migrant category and has been told she can apply.

    She was planning on putting her partner on the application but hes from Namibia and his police clearance is about to expire (which takes three MONTHS to come through!!) so shes considering removing him from the application and just getting it herself, then he can go for partnership residency later. She has plenty of points without him anyway.

    Only problem is, his IELTS expires in March. Is that needed for partnership residency application through the family category or just for skilled migrant?

    Any help would be gratefully accepted!


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    If she doesn't put him on the current application, it will send a mixed message to INZ when trying to get him a visa later. Partner-sponsored visas are always based on provable time spent living together - not having him on the application could be interpreted as meaning that the relationship has broken down now, and the history would therefore look volatile for a future application.

    Reading between the lines here INZ seems to regard it as a nuisance, and to treat rather more heavily than for partner-sponsored residence, a decision NOT to include under SMC a partner who would have been eligible. As you see, they DO require the same English language evidence as would be needed for SMC (which is here

    If his IELTS has expired by the time the application goes in, she can say on the form that they will pre-purchase ESOL, then later, when he's had a chance to sit the test again, send in his certificate to the CO (so they won't have to buy the lessons after all).

    Is there a chance she could get the ITA in while his police certificate is still valid, noting that he is getting a replacement which will be supplied as soon as it is available?

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