Hi everyone,
It's my first post after following forum from long time, Thanks JandM for helping me to finally able to post now.

here is my timeline,

EOI Selected - 02 September 2018 (Onshore, 165 points)
ITA Lodgment - 01 October 2018
First CO Contact - 13/02/2019 - Ask for additional documents. submitted on the same day
CO contacted to my last employer: 12/02/2019 (verification)
CO contacted to current employer: 12/02/2019 (ask for some documents)
04 April 2019 - CO interviewed regarding job duties
CO contacted to current employer: 16/05/2019 (another docs)
Received letter of concern:05/08/2019
submitted reply of PPI : 16/08/2019

From that still waiting for outcome............Finger-cross.