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    Hi everyday,

    I've been here for almost two years under Work to Residency Visa and it's now time for me to apply for residency.

    When I had my medical two years ago, my BP was high and was referred to medical assessor, they prescribed some additional tests and with that I was granted my Visa. I know that medicals last 36 months, but I was wondering if I should do anything for now (get a new medical, get test done specifically for BP) or I should just apply for residency as it is and pray for the best?

    If anyone can share their experience that would be great

    Thank you

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    Immigration instruction A4.20 mentions that you do not need to provide a new medical certificate if i) you have provided a Medical Certificate and Chest X-ray Certificate with an earlier visa application; and ii) you were assessed as having an acceptable standard of health based on those certificates; and iii) those certificates were issued less than 36 months prior to the current application. Despite this, an immigration officer may require a Medical Certificate and Chest X-ray Certificate which is less than three months old, if they consider this is necessary to establish whether you have an acceptable standard of health.

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    Because of the regulation quoted, in your place, I would go ahead and submit with the existing medical. INZ will tell you if you need to do anything else.

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