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Thread: When will I hear from Medical Side?

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    Default When will I hear from Medical Side?

    Hey alltogether,
    Maybe someone has an idea or experience on when I will hear from the MA wether my medical information provided is going to be good enough? I already have been asked for more Info a few days after I applied for Residency in January. I provided lots more and haven't heard anything since.
    If my health was not acceptable and they did want me to apply for a medical waiver - will I be told about that towards the end just about when Residency is approved (to be expected) or would they contact me early once they worked through my doctor papers?

    Just wondering if not hearing from the medical side a good thing.
    Thank you

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    YOU won't hear from the MA - the MAs are a separate department who cannot be contact directly by applicants and/or their doctors.

    The first request for more information will have come from clerks looking over the application. The medical and the extra information will have gone to the correct department, and the file will have had to wait in a date-order queue to be seen by an MA. Meanwhile, your application will have gone to wait in a date-order queue to wait its turn to be allocated to a CO. So there are two lots of queuing going on.

    My impression is that, when your medical gets to the front of the queue and the MA says EITHER, 'Yes, this is Acceptable Standard of Health,' OR, 'I want to see tests and doctors' comments about x, y and z,' that message will be sent to your application file. So if your application file is still queuing and doesn't have a CO yet, nobody will react straight away. If I'm right, that would mean that you wouldn't hear any more about your medical until after you get a CO. Likewise, the telephone answerers wouldn't be able to see anything yet (I don't think).

    In any case, if your medical is passed ASH, the CO wouldn't necessarily tell you. BUT if the MA requires more from you, the CO will pass the message through so you can take action. Regardless of all the rest of your evidence meeting the requirements, the CO is not allowed to recommend acceptance unless and until the MA is happy, so to speed up her/his processing rate, s/he will immediately pass on any message from an MA.

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    It took 4 weeks for the CO to officially respond once MA disapproved ASH. I knew it was not an ASH when i called the CO. But on the hindsight it worked in my favor as it gave me more time to hire a lawyer.

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