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I also love my plasma display, I think all of the newer displays don't have the natural colors and look that the plasma screens did. They are sharper, certainly, but they just don't look right. The OLED screens are an improvement but they're expensive and I still don't think they look as good.

Now, that said, can I probably find a second hand plasma on offer in NZ? Almost certainly, but if we're shipping things anyway, I'll bring it (and the transformer) with me.
I think the two places to check in order to see what's available secondhand are trademe.co.nz and facebook marketplace. Even if you plan to bring most things, it's nice to get a general idea of what's available and market value. Things are a lot cheaper secondhand here in Taranaki compared to Auckland, which is good unless you are selling things off :-P I find that after a few months doing without my stuff, my idea of what I actually need changes. Definitely trimming down on clothing, especially the kids' stuff. The washers and dryers are on average quite a bit smaller, so more frequent washing is the way of things.