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I was interested eventually in becoming a LIA.
Since February 2016, the Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology┬’s Graduate Diploma in New Zealand Immigration Advice is the only qualification offered.
The Graduate Diploma takes one academic year full-time and is also available part-time.
We may apply for a provisional immigration adviser licence once we have completed and passed Courses 1-4 of the Graduate Diploma in New Zealand Immigration Advice, and once we have an approved supervision arrangement.
This is where my question is: I'm happy to study part time and get the Diploma in 2 years instead of one but how about the supervision period of 2 years?
Section 19(5) of the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007 (the Act) requires that a person who holds a provisional licence must work under the direct supervision of an immigration adviser who holds a full licence.
A provisional licence allows a person to provide immigration advice on all immigration matters while working under the direct supervision of a licensed immigration adviser (an adviser) with a full licence.

I got the information from this link:

What I don't know is if I can have another occupation (i.e my current one for which I can work part time) while I am supervised during the 2 years.
Does anyone know ?
Many thanks in advance