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Thread: House and land package? Or independent builder

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    Default House and land package? Or independent builder

    Hey guys, I've just received my residency (banana dance!) Now me and my partner can move on with sorting our house plans. We have a good deposit already and we know for sure we want to build in AKL.

    Question 1.) Can we get a joint mortgage? I heard there was some rule you have to hold residency for 12 months first. I have been a NZ tax resident for 3 years now so I'm unsure.

    2.) Has anyone been in this situation? We're both clueless as to where to start so any advice would be great. We're guessing we start with a financial advisor.

    Thanks so much 😊

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    Yes, you can start with a financial advisor or broker if you'd like, to see your eligibility for a mortgage. But I do hope you have some idea in your mind about where you want to build in the first place. North, south, east...? Sections?
    Another way- is to see a construction brokerage; there are a few companies which specializes in this and their main purpose is to be the middle-man, is getting your mortgage together as well as put you in touch with developers, builders and sections which may be available or on the market soon.

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