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Thread: How to Live Your Life While You Can

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    Default How to Live Your Life While You Can

    I learned yesterday that a good friend died a few days ago and another friend is in hospital and will be there until the end comes. In addition to grief and sympathy I've heard people saying things like 'it just shows that you need to live your life while you can' or 'you need to live life to the full'. I'm not sure what this really means or how to do it. What do you think?

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    Sympathies for the bad news.

    As one of the older generation, I reckon you shouldn't go through life acting on the idea of, 'I'll do that sometime,' or, 'I'll get round to that.' If there's something you'd like to try, or some place you've always promised yourself you'll visit, or something you meant to say to someone, get on and DO it, because you can't tell when all of a sudden, the door will close on any further possibilities.

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    Sympathies for your loss.

    I realised that when I turned 40 and this "philosophy" led us to dare to migrate in NZ with no jobs and two teenage kids which was probably the most difficult of the two obstacles.

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