Hi all,

I have been to a panel physician to get my full medical done. All good so far – just on the x-ray there is a 4mm nodule in my lung. I have not had any TB before, but lung infections, from which this might be a leftover. The MA does not know that of course. [They took four x-rays of me from all angles to make sure this thing is actually there.]
The panel physician noted in my report, that the xray is abnormal, however he also noted that they don´t believe, that I have active TB. The panel physician asked me if I wanted to submit straight away and “maybe” get a pass without further questions or if I wanted to go for further tests straight away.
I had them submit my medical without going for further tests – for now.


  • Can anyone who had themselves a 4 mm or smaller nodule shown on their x-ray share their experience with the MA? [Saying 4, as apparently everything smaller than five is in medicine still considered benign until proven otherwise by monitoring – but what do I know. 😉] Did anyone get a pass w/o further test request? Apparently, this is not so uncommon – one out of 500 people have one or more.
  • Been trying to find the prices for TB sputum tests, cannot find anything useful online though. Can anyone share what they have been paying for sputum tests and in which city or at which specialist?
  • According to the immigration website the interim visa lasts a maximum of 6 months after your current visa expires whilst the new visa application is still in process. Should the visa process be delayed [my multiple entry visa took 6 instead of 2 weeks to process, so I am getting braced for this one] and let´s say the MA requests the sputum test after 4 months’ time, the test itself though takes 3 months to be completed – will I have to leave the country or will my interim visa be prolonged?

Thanks in advance, been reading a lot here before posting myself, it´s a great forum. 😊