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Thread: Labour Hire Management Tax

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    I just got an offer on retails. On the contract, there were clause stated that

    "Scheduler Tax of 20% will be deducted from all payments made to contractors working
    under a labour hire arrangement for a labour hire business. "
    Im confuse, I don't get it. Is this different from individual tax? Say for example I earn 500$ a week. Will the 20% be deducted to my wage and the other percent be deducted for individual tax? Does that mean that two tax code will deducted on my pay?

    Im just new here in NZ and not familiar with tax laws. Can someone explain?

    Thank you very much.

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    Not sure if this clause applies to you personally or is it just a general clause? Are you a labour hire contractor or an employee of that business? If you are a contractor then refer to
    I think the pdf at the end of this page would help you to understand those tax deductions

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