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Thread: General Visitor Visa (GVV) Updates

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    Default General Visitor Visa (GVV) Updates


    I applied for my parents visitor visa under GVV on 2nd of August and it is still under assessment as of 20th September. Timeline as follows:

    Applied: 2nd August.
    Passport Verified: 20th August
    Under Assessment: 3rd September.

    Is anyone waiting for a GVV similar to the above timeline? Have many visitor visas been approved already? Not sure how long to wait now. Immigration call centre isn't helpful either so just wondering.

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    I applied on 19 August 2022 on behalf of my mother. The application is under assessment since 5 September 2022.

    I have spoken to the Contact Centre a few times and received no information. They can't even tell me how long it will take for an immigration officer to be assigned to the application. My father's visa is expiring end of this month - so I asked if I could add him to the application. Contact Center refused and have asked me to apply for a new visa which will go into the queue.

    Somebody I know applied on 1 August and got the visitor visa approved last week.

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